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Imagine a life where you are fully engaged in the things and people that matter to you, rather than bogged down by the stresses and tasks of our daily lives, and inspired to live your best life. The one that you want, not the one you feel as though you are trapped in.

I want to be engaged and inspired in everything I choose to spend my time and precious life on. I want to be drawn in and taken over by the beautiful creations of others, whether that be in books, art or movies. I want their world to infuse into my own, and leave their mark.

I love it when writers give me no other option than to neglect everything else I have on my to do list and lose myself in their pages. I love to be challenged to engage in my life more fully, in my dream, in my people. I want to be inspired to live better, love better and make changes to ensure I recognise my purpose and value. 

​I write and live with this intent too, that I may inspire others to truly step into their lives with their hearts and minds open to the incredible possibilities. To see the beauty in themselves, and the world around them despite the burdens we carry, or the storms that rage around us. 

Join me as we stop wishing, and start doing. The difference between achieving the dream and wishing you had, is action.

June 5, 2018

June 6, 2017

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