• I am a Passionate Christian, wife, mother.

  • Love music, dancing, adventure, games nights, travel and laughing with friends.

  • Lover of people. ALL people.

  • A feisty chick who is not afraid of the 'ugly bits', passionately living a life of purpose.


Why writing?

I just have to! It brings me joy & fills me with a sense of purpose. I am a better wife, mother and person when I am writing. It is my happy place.


In 2015, I was ripped out of my busy life and forced into seven weeks of strict bed-rest post-surgery. I realised pretty quickly I had a choice to make. I could waste the time and freedom feeling sorry for myself or I could embrace it and invest in one of my passions which had been severely overlooked in the busyness of life. I decided on the latter and got to work. During my season of bed-rest, I completed ten children’s books - which are currently squirrelled away - and three months later I had completed my first fiction manuscript OUT OF THE ASHES,  realising a dream which had been lying dormant for decades.


Having two young children at home didn't deter me. I was passionate about writing every word, and claiming every possible minute to write – even if it meant I was holding a sleeping or sick baby on my jiggling knee while I finished a scene, ignoring the life-threatening mountains of washing and jobs, or writing through the night, so that I could be an active mother the next day without the torment of an unwritten conversation doing obsessive laps around my head.


Three years later, I've written three novels. OUT OF THE ASHES and BEAUTIFUL FRAGMENTS were released in 2018. THEN SHE ROARS will be released in March 2020.  I've got three more in the pipeline, so watch this space.


My books are raw, honest, heart-wrenching and beautiful. They challenge the way we think about ourselves, our experiences and perspectives of the world. They show what grace looks like, and the beautiful power of discovering your worth and place in the world even after un-speakable tragedy or personal history.


I hope you love reading them as much as I love writing them. 

© 2017 by Vanessa Evetts