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iRISE Publishing is a celebration of books that empower, encourage and inspire readers to get out from under the heavy burden of their past and live a passionate and joy-filled life. 


I specialise in Restorative Fiction. Books that speak to real issues. Believable characters who readers can identify with as they walk through their own journeys. I know that words have immense power, even when wrapped in fiction. They can build up, and they can destroy. I want my words to write themselves on my reader’s hearts, to inspire them, to empower them, to transform the way they think about themselves, and to give them courage.


Who do I think I am, I mean really? I know right. I am somebody whose life has been transformed by the written word. From a young age I learned to lose myself in fiction; to put aside real life for a moment and dive into something adventurous or beautiful.  I often tell my children about when my mother used to sneak into my room late at night to find me hiding under the covers with a torch reading. Or the summers we spent six weeks solid holidaying at Oakura beach in Taranaki, NZ. Our first and most important errand was getting books out of the local library – normally about twenty at a time, each.


When I entered my teens and life hit some wobbly bits, I delved into books even more. Francine Rivers’ books have brought solace and peace to my burdened soul when I have been grieving, especially the ‘Mark of the Lion’ Series, and ‘Redeeming Love’. These are books that I open over and over again when my heart hurts. These are books I lend to friends when my words don’t suffice.


That is the type of author I aspire to be, one that reaches down into the pits of hell, and says, “I see you, take my hand.”






"Ms Evetts writes with honesty, passion, and raw emotion, to create poignant stories of love, loss, and life. Phenomenal, empowering, and heartbreakingly real, these are books that will inspire and uplift women everywhere." 

—  Heidi Farrelly AUTHOR. Sydney, Australia


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