iRISE Publishing is a celebration of books that empower, encourage and inspire readers to get out from under the heavy burden of their past and live a passionate and joy-filled life. 

I specialise in Restorative Fiction. Books that speak to real issues. Believable characters who readers can identify with as they walk through their own life. Words have immense power, even when wrapped in fiction. They can build up, and they can destroy. I want my words to write themselves on my reader’s hearts, to inspire them, to empower them, to transform the way they think about themselves and the world around them. I hope they can remind them of their courage, their joy and the unbreakable strength of the human spirit.

These are books you can lend to friends when words don’t suffice.


GRACE KINGSTON had it all, until she had nothing. Battling under the weight of her grief after her husband and children are killed, she launches off on a life-altering journey across the world. Conquering her greatest fears and insecurities, Grace rediscovers her strength, her identity, her faith and her deepest desires. "A brilliant Debut"

    “Vanessa just gets what it is to be human and communicates it so beautifully in an engaging and enthralling way.” Amazon Reader

    “Out of the Ashes" is literary heart surgery. Evetts dives headfirst into the "too hard basket" and does justice to weighty human experiences.” Amazon Reader

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SOPHIE is many things; a mother; prostitute; addict and prisoner - with one question. What benefit is hope, when you're trapped inside a nightmare with no end? Full of suspense, heartbreak and breathtaking transformation, Beautiful Fragments is a story of grace, love and kindness and the unbreakable strength of the human spirit. 

    “Well-paced with a bit of texture, Beautiful Fragments tackles a taboo topic with dignity and has reminded me of the power of authentic love.” Amazon Reader

    "Hard to put down - a disturbing but victorious story. The harrowing story stays with you well past the last page being read." Amazon Reader


AVERY BISHOP had a life worthy of envy until one word robs her of all sense, all clarity and all purpose. Cancer. Then comes Harry - everything she's ever wanted wrapped in a package she can't bear to open. How could she? 

When her oncologist tells her she only has four days of freedom before a new aggressive treatment and a life void of guarantees, all bets are off. What happens when she dares to hope that the scriptwriters will rewrite the ending?

Will love indeed conquer death?

    “It's magnificent, your best yet!"

     "Highly recommend grabbing a copy and staying up all night to read."



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"Ms Evetts writes with honesty, passion, and raw emotion, to create poignant stories of love, loss, and life. Phenomenal, empowering, and heartbreakingly real, these are books that will inspire and uplift women everywhere." 

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